About Us

-------- Our Story --------

About a year ago, our founder received a call from his mother – she was terrified, in a complete state of panic. She had just been in a bad car accident. Luckily, she was okay. Her car however, was totaled. A short time after, our founder was driving. As traffic in front of him quickly came to a halt he looked in his rearview mirror and noticed the car behind him was not braking. He braced for impact and was hit, throwing him into the window of his car. Ultimately, his car was repaired and after a few months of treatment, he too, was okay.

In both circumstances, the underling issue was the same – “What should I do - and who should I call”.

Auto accidents are terribly troublesome and anyone involved is always under incredible distress. So where does one go for immediate help?

After much research, it was determined in the US market, there is an auto accident every 11 seconds, a personal injury due to an auto accident every minute and with a staggering total price tag of $2.3 million a minute.

A variety of online platforms, apps and organizations were researched to understand what solutions are available to help people tackle these unfortunate situations. The findings determined there were very little resources available in a very fragmented market.

After months of additional research, we went to work to create an all-inclusive application. One that could help and protect drivers with warnings of dangers ahead, fully document any auto accident in a single file and give immediate access to 24/7, live customer care support.

WREK was born. WREK, our acronym for Where Roads Equal Knowledge ™ reflects the ultimate goal of the application.

At its core, WREK collects auto accident and various road data, which can warn WREKapp users of potential dangers.

Additionally, the application provides three main areas of functionality.
(1) WREK users can be proactive by turning their phone into a dash cam with GPS positioning and automatic data recording.
(2) WREK users are taken through a step-by-step process to accurately and fully document accidents, creating a full report in a single file with a simple, straightforward interface.
(3) Finally, WREK connects users to incident related services, including but not limited to: towing and peer-to-peer rideshare organizations, discounted auto repair, car rentals, medical and live assistance.