WREK’s America’s Most Dangerous Road #7

California State Route 138

California State Route 138 #7

California drivers have borrowed the phrase “highway of death” or “death road” from Bolivia’s famous North Yungas Road and applied it to Highway 138, which wiggles from Interstate 15 to the town of Palmdale.

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2000 that during one five-year period prior to 2000, there were 56 deaths and 875 injuries on the road, which had been labeled “blood alley” and “California deathway” when it averaged more than 10 fatalities per year on the steep and twisty two-lane road.

In 2006 improvements to the road began, but delays from inconvenienced local residents plagued the projects with numerous threats to highway workers and construction equipment vandalism. Since then, fatalities have been reduced due to construction creating wider lanes and better sight lines.

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